Friday, 13 June 2014


Google the word Chinta and you will find that it literally means "Love" in the Malay language.

Harness that with the word "Kechil" (the old Malasian word for small) and you have yourself a "LITTLE LOVE" - Right here in the heart of Double Bay at 342 New South Head Road.

Opening with little fanfare June 10 it is the latest venture by the owner of Chinta Ria at Cockle Bay.

With great decor and delicious Malasian food it's a welcome addition to Double Bay's growing choice of international dining styles.

Manager Alison will immediately make you feel at home and owner Simon Goh talks of plans to expand saying, ''We're most likely doing a vintage jazz dining room in a neighbouring property that will open in three or four months".

So all in all it looks like Chinta Kechil really is the place to FIND A LITTLE LOVE IN DOUBLE BAY.

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