Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Double Bay "Appy Hour" welcomes people from all walks of life, be they residents, visitors, business owners, landlords, employees or shoppers. 

It also welcomes new ideas and tries to bring together people to help make them happen.

Among the ideas raised on 11th March were:-

Development plans to brighten Double Bay - Brian O'Dowd

Double Bay centre for outstanding weddings - Jennifer Kennedy

Free Double Bay Fitness & Health Seminars - Anthony Toth

Fund raising for the Black & White Committee - Susan Diver

If any of these take your interest let us know by calling 0408 998 058, or by contacting the parties listed above.

Want to make friends, influence people, promote your business or get help launching a new idea?

Come along to our next meeting at the 18 Footers Club - 77 Bay Street, Double Bay on Tuesday 8th April.

Runs from 5.30pm to 8.00am - Arrive by 6.15 if you want to hear the presentations.

Here are some pics from the last event.

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