Friday, 17 January 2014

WITH THANKS TO VET HQ (389 New South Head Road)

Sadly we can't claim to be the originators of this image, but we first saw it in Geoff Golovsky's eNewsletter.

We loved it and could not resist publishing it, but apart from the obvious we could not come up with an original caption.

So it's over to our readers. Send your suggestions to Caption Comp and the best suggestion will win a bottle of Jacobs Creek Bubbly.

By the way Geoff Golovsky runs VET HQ in Double Bay - You can see a full copy of his December eNewsletter online at VET HQ

And, if you're pet needs exemplary attention and you want outstanding customer service pop along to:-

389 New South Head Road
Double Bay, NSW 2028

Tel: 02 9326 1255

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